Italian-bred strawberry variety Capri is set for a makeover as a consumer-facing brand with its own campaign.

Grown in the UK by S&A Produce, Capri originates from Italy and is a full-flavoured fruit with a deep rich red colour and conical shape.

Capri has been sold in Tesco and Asda in the past but S&A now plan to give it full brand support.

It will go onto Tesco, Asda and Morrisons shelves in a few weeks’ time, backed by a website, tastings and a Twitter account. It will be marketed under the strapline, ‘The British strawberry with Italian attitude.’

“The development of any new variety involves a lot of hard work, much investment and enormous passion and belief in the product and Capri is testament to that,” said James Seymour, product and brand development manager at S&A Produce. 

S&A have 90 hectares of Capri planted this season.