So much so, in fact, that the pair had no hesitation in setting up their own business three years ago after a family trip to the US gave Newberry the idea for his own venture. "I saw these fruit snacks on sale in the supermarkets over there and thought they would be a great idea for the UK market," explains Newberry. "When I looked into it, I found the market existed in places like Australia and Asia but not in Europe."
The result was a remortgaged house, investment from friends and a leased 30,000 sq ft factory site in Walsoken, Cambridgeshire, to start production.
Three years on, the company employs 80 workers, and is doing a roaring trade with sales of its Fruit Flakes, Real-a-Peel and School Bars brands topping £8m. Now the company, which has brought a second factory on line, is testing the water with another launch ­ Jusfruit.
Rolling out earlier this year under the company's Fruit Bowl brand, the ambient fruit snacks (rsp: 49p, 80g) have already secured listings in Tesco and Sainsbury. However, Newberry admits that sales have been "slow to begin with" and that trial is the key issue for Jusfruit, which comes in spoonable Apple & Strawberry; Apple, Mango & Passion Fruit; and Apple, Apricot, Grape & Cherry varieties.
"We must also sort out where this sort of product should be sited," says Newberry. "It has been put in snack and pot desserts which is a traditional market, but we want to get it in front of families and young adults."
According to Newberry, only 0.1% of Tesco shoppers have tried the product but have bought an average of 3.5 units each. The current sales rate, he says, will see Jusfruit notch up £150,000 by the end of the year, and is currently running at about £3,000 a week.
However, Newberry insists that, unlike the other products taking part in The Grocer's annual tracking of five companies' new grocery launches, Jusfruit is only a "test launch" and that the company is prepared to learn the lessons of a potentially early demise. "We will almost certainly make changes to branding along the way."
The Grocer will be following its progress every step of the way.