Tiger tomatoes - the small ones with stripes - are not what consumers want, according to developers at Israeli exporter Agrexco.

The experiment with the tomato is now over, they admitted, although different formats of the striking striped tomato are being test grown. Possibilities include stripy plum, cherry and large tomatoes, said Michael Ofran, who heads Agrexco's tomato screening business in southern Israel's Arava Valley.

"The tiger tomato was four years in trials, but marketing was very hard," he said. "We are trialling pink-coloured plum tomatoes and a new piccolo instead."

They are being grown in small quantities now, and should be hitting UK supermarkets in December.

"The small plum tastes fantastic because it has a high Brix level. But it splits if it gets too ripe, so the trick is to pick it early."

Agrexco is trying to carve out its share of the popular piccolo, which is being sold only in Waitrose.