A new stun monitoring machine has been introduced to guarantee animals used in halal meat have been properly stunned before slaughter.

The Stun Assurance Monitor, developed by Meat & Livestock Commercial Services and Hellenic Systems, allows halal producers to accurately monitor how much electrical charge is given to an animal. This ensures it is properly stunned but still alive prior to slaughter. The monitor records each stun carried out and the voltage given to the animal.

"It has a real contribution to make for animal welfare, quality control and health and safety," said John Heal, MD of MLCS. He added that the system allowed operators to apply precisely the right charge to stun the animal to the correct level.

One machine is already in place at Janan Meat, which supplies lamb and sheep meat to the independent retail trade. Using the machine will give retailers more assurances over traceability and product quality, said Janan MD Naved Syed.