Schoolkids are being urged to design a superhero as part of a new drive to raise awareness of blackcurrants.

The Blackcurrant Foundation drew up the plan to encourage 75,000 five to seven-year olds to 'eat a rainbow' by adding a piece of fruit to their lunchbox. Exercises include a game to identify fruit in supermarkets and a competition to design a blackcurrant-themed superhero. The winning design will be created professionally and used in promotions.

So far, 765 schools have signed up to receive educational tools via the scheme, which spans the British blackcurrant season.

Meanwhile, grower AJ & CI Snell has paired up with Treelinks Ingredients to offer year-round British blackcurrants. They will be quick-frozen after harvesting in Herefordshire and sold in quantities of 12kg or more. Snell said it would ease retailers' need for imported blackcurrants from Eastern Europe.