Waitrose Sark deliveries

Residents of an island where cars are not allowed to be driven are now getting regular grocery deliveries from Waitrose.

The Isle of Sark in the Channel Islands, which is home to just 600 people, has just a handful of food shops and is one of the few remaining places in the world where cars are banned from roads and only tractors and horse-drawn vehicles are allowed.

Food Stop in Sark is now stocking a range of products including fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh pasta, olives and olive oil from the UK grocer, which will be making regular deliveries of chilled, frozen and store cupboard products to the island community.

With no cars on the island, the delivery is taken by tractor-drawn cart, to Food Stop.

Food Stop is run by mother and daughter team, Julie and Nikki Baker who gained national fame when they featured in BBC2’s, “An Island Parish”. Once they have placed their order with Waitrose, the products will be loaded up on to pallets in the UK before making their way by sea, via Guernsey to the Channel Islands.

“We noticed that a lot of islanders were taking specific day trips to the Waitrose branches in Guernsey to stock up on their own-brand products. We thought that having our own stock of Waitrose groceries would be a great for islanders so they don’t have to travel so far to get their favourite items,” said Food Stop assistant manager Nikki Baker.

“It’s been an absolute hit with all of our customers and it’s great to have things like fresh pasta that we haven’t had delivered to the island previously. Everything is flying off the shelves and our customers know which days the deliveries arrive so, by the time I come in the next day, half the stock is gone. ”

David Morton, director, Business to Business at Waitrose, said the move has given the grocer “a great opportunity to sell our products in Sark.”