Naming their range of sausages after themselves proved to be the turning point in Debbie and Andrew Keeble's business lives.

Six years ago, the farming couple decided to diversify from farming pigs, beef cattle and sheep on their 1,000-acre holding in North Yorkshire into making sausages under the name Manor Born.

Initial sales were restricted to small independents and delis, plus a listing in a local branch of Tesco.

The turning point came three years ago when they paid designers to rebrand the company - and Debbie & Andrew's sausages were born.

Their products are now sold in 180 Tesco stores and are listed by all the major multiples.

The couple paid £40,000 for the redesign - but it looks like cash well spent. Andrew Keeble says, wryly: "They charged us a hell of lot of money to come up with our names. But almost that week sales started to lift, we got more listings further afield, and trade buyers started coming to us because they saw us as a little bit different and a bit sexy."

Debbie & Andrew's range includes one of the highest meat content sausages on the market, at 98%. There is also a children's sausage - Higgledy Piggledy - and a branded tie-in sausage incorporating Colman's mustard.

The company's 1,500 sq ft factory, five minutes from the farm in Thirsk, was expanded to 6,000 sq ft three years ago. Back then the company had three employees; now they number 25.

Current turnover is £2.5m, but Keeble expects to achieve annual sales of £10m in three to four years.

"It's a tough, competitive market but it's a fun one, too," he says.

"And we are aiming to bloody a few big boys' noses."