The trend towards healthy food has boosted demand for the Omega-3 rich fish products offered by artisan company Shetland Smokehouse.
But not content with the oily fish benefits of ordinary salmon, mackerel and herring, the Scottish supplier, based in Skeld, on the west of Shetland, has branched out into hand-reared organic salmon, too.
These are hand-selected, kept in small enclosures off the most northerly islands and reared on organic-based feed, giving them a light coloured flesh free from additives.
They are available hot and cold smoked, and as a dairy and gluten-free chef’s recipe pâté using soya milk cream cheese, lemon and cracked black pepper.
Also produced is smoked herring with lime pâté with black pepper and chives, and smoked mackerel with orange and chilli.
But the environmental benefits of the company’s remote location are offset by the logistical challenges of achieving prompt delivery to customers.
In addition to listings in local Somerfield and Co-op branches and in c-stores, Shetland Smokehouse products are sold online and sent by air, packed with cold gel sachets, as far afield as France and Italy.
The £1m turnover company with a staff of 15, which was started in 1986 by Dave and Debbie Hammond, was taken over 18 months ago by one of the biggest pelagic fish processors in Europe, Shetland Catch, and has a robust platform for expansion.
“If approached we would definitely be interested in supplying a few stores on the mainland,” said marketing executive Shona Manson.
“We are always looking for opportunities to build up the whole UK aspect.”