Coca-Cola is launching a new version of its Trace Your Coke web app that will allow consumers to work out how their actions affect the carbon footprint of their drink.

Consumers will be able to key in a range of measures to work out their own specific footprint, including how far they travelled to buy the drink, their means of transport and whether or not they planned to recycle the packaging.

The aim of the tool was to inform consumers of the importance of their actions in reducing the impact of the products they buy, Coca-Cola said.

“This is all about helping consumers understand how their actions contribute to the final carbon footprint of their drink,” said Coca-Cola Britain’s citizenship manager Liz Lowe.

“It gives them some context as to the size of that footprint compared with other common goods and services they may use and how they can reduce it through recycling and a few other simple, daily lifestyle decisions.”

Coca-Cola launched the original version of the Trace Your Coke app in May 2010. It said the old app, which showed consumers where their drink was made and gave information on the carbon impact of each step in the product lifecycle, received good feedback from customers. “There has been a positive reaction to Trace Your Coke, and we hope this will continue once the new tool goes live in the near future,” said Lowe.

Coca-Cola has already gone live with the new version in Belgium and Holland.