Adelie Foods, the fast-growing chilled food to go supplier, has signed up supply chain specialists Relex Solutions to help improve its availability.

Heathrow-based Adelie is employing Relex, whose other customers in the sector have included Booths and JJ Food Service, to tackle the challenges of demand forecasting, replenishment and availability to improve decision-making.

Adelie chose Relex because of the company’s “in-memory” computing, which processes data faster than traditional systems, facilitating more in-depth visibility throughout Adelie’s supply chain.

A spokeswoman for Relex said the system was able to look at Adelie’s business in minute detail throughout its supply chain.

“Relex will be able to monitor the materials needed to make a sandwich or salad and provide Adelie Foods with the ability to forecast demand for each component, while managing the capacity to store these components in its manufacturing locations and distribution centres,” she said.

It was not only about managing the main components, but the system could go a step further and look at the ingredients needed to perhaps make the mayonnaise within a sandwich. “The ability to forecast demand and manage capacity is critical,” she added.

Adelie Foods head of supply chain & planning, Michael Berridge, said the increasingly demanding operation his company ran daily made it crucial to have “a next-level” supply chain system in place.

“We currently work with two enterprise resource planning systems that provide a degree of data but are unable to give us the required visibility across our entire supply chain especially as Adelie Foods expands,” he said.