carlsberg green fiber bottle prototype

Carlsberg has unveiled the prototype of its Green Fibre Bottle, which is scheduled to be trialled in 2018.

The design of the Danish brewer’s packaging, made from sustainably sourced wood fibre, was revealed today (28 September) at the Sustainable Brands 2016 conference in Copenhagen.

In a “world first”, all materials used in the bottle, including the cap, are developed using bio-based and biodegradable materials – primarily sustainably sourced wood fibres – allowing the bottle to be responsibly degraded.

Based on the distinctive Carlsberg design, the prototype had been prepared to show how the bottle “might look” when test launched in a pilot market in 2018, said Carlsberg sustainability director Simon Boas Hoffmeyer, adding it signalled a milestone in a three-year venture.

“Having a physical prototype makes it easier for us to explain the new packaging format to consumers and colleagues,” he said.

Carlsberg first announced its aim to develop “the world’s first” fully biodegradable wood fibre bottle for beverages in January 2015, as part of the brewer’s Carlsberg Circular Community (CCC) initiative at the World Economic Forum, where it announced it had initiated a project with Danish packaging company EcoXpac, in collaboration with Innovation Fund Denmark and the Technical University of Denmark, to develop the format.

There were still “technical challenges” to overcome but the project was on track, said Carlsberg.

The CCC was launched in 2014 as a cooperation between Carlsberg Group and selected partners, with the aim of pursuing a circular, zero-waste economy by using the ‘cradle-to-cradle’ framework when developing and marketing new products. It currently comprises eight partners and aims to engage 17 partners by 2017.