Masterfoods is building on the strength of its key countlines this Christmas with a range of selection boxes.
The company will launch Mars, Maltesers and Milky Way ‘& Friends’ boxes. Five boxes have been developed - three super sizes (rsp: £2.29) of Mars & Friends, Milky Way & Friends and Maltesers & Friends and two mega sizes (rsp: £2.99) of Mars and Maltesers. Combinations of other bestselling lines, including Revels, Mars Delight, Snickers, Twix and Galaxy, are added to the mix.A Galaxy selection box with seven bars will also be launched.
Other additions to the 2005 Christmas range include Santa Cups, filled with either funsize Mars or Milky Way bars (rsp: £2.49). Masterfoods is spending £4.3m on advertising Celebrations and Maltesers for Christmas, including TV ads.