First Drinks has revamped Taboo, the vodka, wine and fruit juice mix first launched in 1988.

Taboo was a runaway success after its initial launch but has suffered from a lack of support in more recent years. First Drinks is hoping the new "fun and contemporary look" will bring the drink to a new generation of women. The company has added serving suggestions to back labels in a bid to highlight the versatility of the spirit. Suggestions include over ice or with lemonade for a longer more refreshing tipple.

The new bottles are being promoted with a CD giveaway of tracks from classic 80s films such as Footloose and Top Gun ahead of the key summer trading period.

"We are confident both initiatives will appeal to both existing drinkers and a new market that is seeking alternative vodka-based refreshing drinks this summer," said brand manager Riana Gallagher.

Asda will be highlighting the promotion on its in-store radio station.