A profusion of healthy eating campaigns, from the government's five-a-day to Jamie Oliver's school meals odyssey, means we all know what we should be eating.But what is missing is a campaign to make shoppers want to choose, prepare and serve fruit and vegetables.

Eat in Colour will fill this gap by providing friendly advice to reinforce the pleasure of eating well. It will be PR-led and backed by a web site featuring every fruit and vegetable you are ever likely to encounter on the high street.

It's a generic campaign so if we know a specific fruit or vegetable is not doing well, we won't run a piece on it. We want to reflect a wide range of fruit and vegetables during the life of the campaign.

We have to recognise there are those in the industry who are sceptical about a generic campaign. But the strength of having an industry campaign is to reinforce the climate in which everyone is competing.

We aim to grow sales by 5% during the three-year campaign. But measuring that has been the cause of much debate, and we don't kid ourselves. There are a lot of other things going on in the industry around individual products and companies.

Anybody would be deluding themselves if they thought they alone were responsible for the change. But even if Eat in Colour boosts sales by less than 1%, the return on investment will still be considerable.

The acid test will be whether we change the behaviour of people so they buy more fruit and vegetables. Whether they recognise Eat in Colour as a brand is irrelevant.

When it was first announced, the aim of the campaign was to raise £500,000 a year. We clearly can't commit to as much as we want to with the £200,000 we've got, but we still have a viable campaign.

It will require more funding to fulfil our vision for years two and three, but I'm confident investors will come forward once they see what we're doing.

We've already got Tesco, Asda and Somerfield on board and we're very keen for other major retailers to become supporters of this.

We will have to overcome their reasons for not joining - the idea was launched over a year ago and people need to see something happening.

There's also an EU match-funding scheme that could provide us with funding for the campaign, although the timescale for that is quite a long way off.