Coors Brewers has launched a new beer education programme for employees and retailers to improve the category’s image.
All 300 sales and marketing staff are being put through the Big Beer Day with the aim of helping them talk confidently about different styles and tastes in a similar way to wine.
The buying team from Morrisons has been through a trial course and Coors plans to get more retailers on board.
The brewer, producer of brands including Carling, Grolsch, Coors Fine Light and Worthington’s White Shield, hopes retailers will use the messages about beer contained in the Big Beer Day for instore marketing initiatives. The course
bans boring presentations, with the emphasis on getting students to discover different tastes for themselves, as well as to learn about how beer is made and which styles accompany food. Coors has produced course tasting notes for its own brands and other beers, featuring easily accessible language such as ‘aromatic’ and ‘spicy’ for Grolsch and ‘silky’ and ‘malty’ for Caffrey’s. Scott Wilson, senior innovations manager, said Coors staff would be able to “talk beer” to anyone and it was hoped the message would filter down to the public.
“Brewers have put a lot of emphasis on pushing their brands but beer knowledge is becoming increasingly important,” he said. “We want to put beer back on the agenda and that’s got to be good for the whole category.”
Wilson added: “The first thing is to have our customer-facing team take the course and we will then looking at the people who communicate messages about beer to consumers, like the retailers. They could easily use the messages contained in the Big Beer Day.”
Claire Hu