CP Foods is extending its Taste Inc microwaveable snacking brand with a budget £1 range.

Rolling out to Morrisons this month, the new line-up comprises four SKUs: The Hot, Hot Dog; cheese Burger; The Fiery Mexican Burger; and a sausage Sandwich. The launch comes six months after Taste Inc ousted Kepak’s Rustlers and Zugos from Morrisons to become the retailer’s only microwave snacking brand.

“We know a lot of our audience are aged between 16 and 25 years and have little time for cooking - they simply want good food and fast,” said CP Foods head of brands Chris Wenham. “This extension to our range meets the demands of our audience and their need for something convenient and tasty but without a high price tag.”

Products from brands including Rustlers have been promoted down to £1 at times over the past 12 months, while a range of £1 Feasters products including a Bacon roll, cheeseburger and sausage bap is sold in Asda.

CP Foods has also extended Taste Inc with a Fish Fillet Burger that it claimed is a first for the microwave snacking market. Available now (rsp: £2), the fillet is coated in breadcrumbs and topped with cheese and tartare sauce.

Wenham said consumer research had shown Taste Inc’s target audience would welcome a non-meat option. “Our aim is to shake up the category and change ­perceptions,” he added.

All Taste Inc products are produced at the Newmarket factory of CP Foods UK, a subsidiary of Thailand-based CPF.