TARGET CONSUMER Robert Crainey, 18, is a social sciences student from Croy, near Glasgow. I sometimes drink alcopops ­ Woodys is my favourite ­ but I've only tried tequila once and it didn't agree with me. This one looks quite appealing, though. It's a nice colour and it smells different from other alcopops I've smelt before. It tastes like a mix of lots of different types of alcohol, like vodka and whisky. And there's a bit of a lime taste to it. It tastes different from anything else out there but it is a wee bit bland. I'd drink it when I'm out with the lads on a Friday night and if I saw it in a shop I'd maybe buy just one bottle of it. But it's not something I'd want to drink all night because I'd get bored with it quite quickly. It's satisfactory rather than earth shattering. And it definitely won't overtake Woodys to become my first choice. Rating out of 25 ­ 16 {{DRINKS }}