Under pressure dairy farmers could save millions of pounds with a new app that its creators claim will “revolutionise” dairy cow transition management.

The app, which launches next month, would help farmers tackle issues arising during the delicate transition phase into lactation for high-yielding dairy cows, said Premier Nutrition.

At the moment, UK dairy farmers were incurring millions of pounds in production losses as a result of poor transition management, it added.

The app, the first of its type, monitors four areas of concern during transition: metabolic disease, energy status, intake potential and udder health. It then generates a monthly report indicating problem areas, allowing farmers to build a picture based on region, herd size, milk yield and breeds.

“The new system will revolutionise dairy cow transition management,” said Premier Nutrition’s ruminant division director Andrew Pine. “It will provide a quick and easy assessment of current performance and allow modifications to nutrition and/or management to be made that will reverse negative trends before they become long-term problems.”