Milk and eggs are to benefit from multimillion pound promotional drives.
The European Commission has awarded £1.5m to the Milk Development Council to match-fund a campaign promoting the benefits of milk, cheese and yogurt to teenage girls.
And this week Lion Quality eggs returned to TV as part of a £4m marketing push.
The £3m MDC campaign, due to start in March, will run for two years and will include cinema, radio and magazine advertising as well as sampling, online media and PR activities.
MDC marketing manager Vicky Hathaway said the decision to target teenage girls was made after an MDC survey
in 2004 found that nearly 75% of girls aged between 10 and 20 were avoiding dairy products.
Lack of knowledge among girls and their mothers about the dangers of osteoporosis was largely to blame for low dairy consumption. Many were unaware of optimum daily intakes, mistakenly believing all dairy products contained high levels of fat. The campaign will target girls with messages about the beauty benefits delivered by dairy products, while educating their mothers in matters related to bone health.
Convenience rather than health is the dominant theme in TV adverts for Lion Quality eggs. Four executions in the Make a Meal out of Anything campaign will air on GMTV and satellite channels for the next eight months. The ads, aimed at housewives, will feature everyday situations showing that eggs are a simple meal solution.
Andrew Parker, chairman of the British Egg Industry Council, which is funding the campaign, said: “It’s the perfect tonic as we have demonstrable proof that heavyweight TV advertising raises egg sales.”
Richard Clarke