Kraft is getting creative with its stocking-filler favourite, Terry’s Chocolate Orange, by launching Sparklers - bite-size oranges with crackling popping candy - along with a new mint version.
The mini-oranges (rsp: 89p) should do particularly well at
Halloween and Christmas, when sales of bite-sized snacks peak, according to Jo Greenaway, Terry’s brand manager. “We are expecting that Sparklers will be the big success of the year.”
Kraft is also launching a mint version of its festive favourite. The limited edition mint chocolate flavoured ball (rsp: £2.39) will hit the shelves in August, using the catchphrase ‘It’s not orange, it’s mint,’ and will be on sale until January.
The Chocolate Orange Mint will be supported with PR and sampling, as well as a new £2m TV ad campaign with comedian Dawn French. The ads will show the rituals that Terry’s Chocolate Orange lovers go through while trying to crack open the ball.
Some 66% of the 12 million Oranges sold in 2004 were at Christmas [ACNielsen 52 w/e December 25, 2004].
Greenaway added: “The mint version will be replaced by more new products in 2006 to meet consumer demand for novelty confectionery gifts.”
Other Kraft Christmas initiatives include Toblerone removable sleeve designs and a new marketing campaign.

Helen Gregory
Little Britain’s fat fighter, Marjorie Dawes, is to endorse cakes and chocolates linked to the TV series. Granada Ventures, ITV’s consumer products arm, has been named licensing agent for products to be launched in September.
The Waterfront Corporation has introduced a range of Huckleberry Finn smoothies. Packed in 250ml cartons, the pure fruit drink range comprises three flavours: mango, raspberry & cranberry and peach & passion fruit.
Yoplait Dairy Crest is back on TV this month with a £1m campaign supporting the launch of Petits Filous Fruity Smooth yoghurt.
Kimberly-Clark has launched Andrex Quilts, which it claims is the first three-ply quilted toilet tissue to be launched in the UK. The launch is being supported by a £5m campaign.
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Raspberry summer mix
A new pomegranate juice hopes to catch on as a popular summer drink and mixer. Pomegreat & Raspberry is the latest juice from RJA Foods after the launch of Pomegreat & Blueberry earlier this year. Pomegreat founder Adam Pritchard said: “Our original Pomegreat pomegranate juice drink is our biggest seller by far, but steeply rising sales of our Pomegreat & Blueberry cartons prove consumers are keen to sample our variants.” Pomegreat has high levels of antioxidants and has been approved by Heart UK. Pritchard added: “We are very confident Pomegreat & Raspberry will catch on as the perfect juice and mixer for the summer.” The launch of Pomegreat & Raspberry will be supported by PR and press and radio ads.