With Cadbury’s unexpectedly strong third-quarter results came too late for this morning’s papers. But the Guardian noted the confectioner’s share price on the up ahead of today’s briefing

The Daily Mail, meanwhile, raises its eyebrows at the revelation that RBS – which is owned by the public following its multibillion-pound bail-out – could be involved in funding Kraft’s bid. That would certainly ‘raise eyebrows’ elsewhere, if a state-owned lender helped ownership of a British icon such as Cadbury move overseas. The Times and the Daily Telegraph offer their belated takes on those trading figures here and here respectively.

Also on the up is Tesco – the retailer’s shares surged yesterday after broker Nomura said investors had underestimated its potential for growth.

There’s also more speculation in the FT over that rumoured Qatari approach for Sainsbury’s, which reared its head again last week.

Another major story sees the country’s leading economic think-tank recommending the introduction of VAT on food to help balance the budget deficit – something unlikely to go down well with the grocery trade, needless to say.

The Telegraph is the bearer of those particular bad tidings – and also reports on the expansion plans by high street baker Greggs for another 600 outlets.

As we report on this site, a new study has highlighted the impact of alcohol consumption on fertility. And that impact is not positive, believe it or not. The Guardian has the story.