Tesco aims to double its turnover of entertainment products online by the end of this year and aims to sell more than 12 million items both at Tesco.com and in store between October and December. At a conference for entertainment suppliers, Tesco bosses promised that this Christmas would be bigger than ever. A comprehensive marketing package starts this autumn. Clubcard will be the main marketing tool and the chain will send more than one million potential entertainment customers a colour brochure in two mailings ­ one in early November, and another in December ­ containing promotions and coupons. Last year Tesco mailed three-quarters of a million people which resulted in 250,000 extra entertainment customers. It has also hired 25 non food specialists to help stores understand best practice for selling non food. Steven Garton, category directory for home entertainment, said Extra stores would be key to the strategy and by the end of this year would account for 30% of Tesco's total non food business. He said 15 Extra stores would trial a new way of selling non food by featuring a large display in the foyers. The section would also get more impact with bolder displays which might be rolled out to the rest of the portfolio. Paul Ludlam, head of sales and marketing for Entertainment UK, said 13% of the music and video buying population currently bought albums and videos at Tesco. "Last year, 2.7 million people bought entertainment stuff from Tesco. This year it will be four million and next year over five million. Clubcard especially gives us the opportunity to target those next million customers." {{NEWS }}