Tesco is facing legal action from a Muslim former employee who quit the his job with the supermarket giant “in protest” after having to carry alcohol as part of his duties.

Mohammed Ahmed began working as a forklift truck driver at a 1,000-strong Tesco depot in Staffordshire last September but quit eight months later, writes the Daily Mail.

Ahmed told an employment tribunal that he had not realised he would be required to handle alcohol, which he says contravenes his Muslim beliefs. He claims to have been victimised and harassed by fellow workers after requesting a switch to alternative duties.

Tesco, which denies his claims of racial discrimination, has since moved to ensure workers are aware of the need to handle alcohol in its induction process.

The supermarket’s lawyer said: “[Ahmed] was advised at the outset what the job would entail. At no stage did he raise the fact he could not handle alcohol.”

The tribunal is expected to reach a verdict later this week.