Procter & Gamble has created a customised range of Pringles exclusively for Tesco the first time the fmcg giant has tailored a range for a multiple retailer.

The Great British Flavours range of Pringles, available now, was developed through a collaboration between P&G and Tesco.

Available in sea salt & black pepper, curry, kebab and smokey bacon flavours, the range was the start of “a rolling programme of innovation on Pringles for its retailer customers”, said brand manager Donna Graham.

P&G would roll out further customised ranges for Tesco, with themed flavours and packaging, in the future, she added.

“It is a fantastic project to work with a retailer you both want the same success,” she said. “Each party has complete ownership that can really strengthen the supplier/customer relationship.”

Other examples of exclusive ranges for Tesco include Ken Hom ready meals and Kerry Foods-manufactured City Kitchen ready meals, and the retailer said it welcomed tailor-made offerings from suppliers.

“Where products that provide this quality and value are offered exclusively, we are delighted to offer them,” said a spokesman.

“Whether a product is exclusive or not, we are always pleased to introduce a range or product that we feel will satisfy customer demand. In the case of the Ken Hom range, the products recognise the growing demand for high-quality oriental meals.”

While the Great British Flavours lineup was the first time P&G had customised an entire range for a retailer, it customised a sausage flavour Pringles SKU exclusively for Morrisons at the beginning of the year.

P&G boss Irwin Lee first revealed the fmcg giant was prepared to manufacture exclusive products for retailers in an interview with The Grocer (‘P&G boss Lee pledges to ramp up household NPD’, 1 May).

Sales of Pringles have grown 0.1% to £141.1m in the past year [Nielsen 52w/e 17 April 2010].