Tesco has rebranded its Nature’s Choice accreditation scheme as Nurture and introduced a new on-pack logo in a bid to more clearly communicate the programme’s ideals to consumers .

While Nature’s Choice was not consumer facing, the new Nurture logo (pictured) will appear alongside the Red Tractor on pre-packed produce, although it won’t feature on loose produce as yet.

The logo would convey the message that fuit and veg produced by the 15,000 growers in 70 countries signed up to the scheme was grown in a responsible way, said Tesco.

“We want our customers to be confident they are getting the highest quality fruit and vegetables that have been grown in an ethical and environmentally friendly way,” said Tesco Nurture manager Breige Donaghy. “When they see the Nurture logo, customers can feel assured that is what they are getting.”

The revamp was mainly a communications exercise and the content of the audits would not change, a spokesman added.

The scheme, which requires growers to meet numerous environmental and quality standards, would continue to help ensure full supply chain traceability, he said.

Meanwhile the first produce from the Thanet Earth glasshouse development has gone on sale in Tesco stores. Cucumbers grown on the Kent site, owned by the Fresca Group, hit shelves in the Broadstairs store this week.

Tomatoes and peppers will follow in the spring. The produce is being sold as a local line in Kent stores, and will also be sold nationally.