Tesco's advertising will switch tack on Monday to focus on the quality of its own-label products.

Using the Every Little Helps strap, the in-store, online, press and billboard campaign will highlight the quality, provenance and freshness of Tesco's own-label lines.

It boasts that Tesco has, for example, removed artificial colours from all own-label products and its strawberries are 100% British.

"Quality remains important to customers even in tough times but as we emerge from recession it will be even more significant," said UK marketing director Carolyn Bradley.

The campaign comes after the Advertising Standards Authority ruled against press and TV versions of an ad from Tesco's Real Baskets price comparison campaign this week, which claimed more than a million baskets were cheaper at Tesco. The watchdog found that the press ad was "ambiguous and therefore misleading" and that the TV ad contained scrolling text "that could be missed by come viewers". There were also ambiguities, it ruled, over the use of the term 'baskets' in both ads.

Tesco continues to run the ad on its website, however, due to a loophole in ad regulations.

Meanwhile, Tesco has refuted claims by Citibank that it is using "aggressive" and "flattering" accounting tactics in areas of revenue recognition, depreciation, the allocation of profits from property, capitalised interest expenses and pension accounting.

A Tesco spokesman said: "We report in line with statutory guidelines and the accounts are externally audited."

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