Tesco is introducing Asian and kosher aisles in selected stores.

An Asian range of 250 lines, which includes bulk packets of rice, lentils and specialist chutneys, will be rolled out to 64 stores to coincide with Diwali at the end of this month. Meanwhile 85 new products are being added to Tesco’s kosher range at 35 stores, bringing the total range up to 200 products.

The Asian range is marked with ‘Asian Food’ branded point of purchase material. Tesco will run price promotions and bogof deals on the range throughout Diwali. A spokesman said Tesco planned to roll out the Asian range to 100 stores by new year - particularly stores in major city centres with a high Asian population. Lead supplier is ethnic specialist Natco Foods

He said: “We have always had a basic range of smaller packs. These are speciality products, developed for Asian shoppers.”

The range consists entirely of branded products, although own label versions may be
introduced at a later stage.

A spokesman for Natco said: “Over the last year ethnic food ranges have started to get the shelf space they deserve.”

Tesco has appointed its first specialist Asian buyer - Nitin Patel, while the kosher buyer is Elliot Weider.
Anne Bruce