The drive to make the world a greener place will be spearheaded by the likes of Tesco and its shoppers, according to Sir Terry Leahy.

The outgoing supermarket boss told the World Economic Forum in Davos that private companies such as Tesco would lead the to greener economies.

Announcing the opening of two new zero-carbon stores, in Thailand and the Czech Republic, Leahy said: “As economies develop, we need to do our best to make their growth as green as possible.

“We opened the first zero-carbon store in the UK last year and we’re now applying the lessons we’ve learned across the world. We’re sharing our experience with suppliers and working with them to address key challenges such as deforestation and how to control emissions from refrigeration.”

Leahy said the key challenge to growing greener economies would be tapping into consumer power.

“Encourage consumers to go green, not just by saving energy by buying products with a low carbon footprint,” he said. “If we can do that, we will create a mass movement in green consumption.”

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