Ed Bedington
Tesco is hoping to spread its 5-a-day campaign message to a global audience.
The retailer will be the only UK supermarket to give a key speech on the subject at the International 5 a Day Symposium in Berlin next week.
Hamish Renton, Tesco's business planning manager for fresh produce, will give the talk, which will map out the company's strategy to encourage consumer to eat five portions of fruit and veg a day.
Renton said: "We have led the way in the UK with our 5-a-day campaigns and we are continuing to devise pioneering ways of educating customers."
Tesco recently developed the campaign to include the backing of Cancer Research UK to promote the health benefits of eating fruit and veg. It also launched a range of ready meals designed to provide some of the daily portions required.
The symposium, organised by the US's Produce for Better Health Foundation and the German Cancer Society in conjunction with the WHO, will feature retailers from around the world, and Renton promised he would not pull any punches.
"I am going to be a little bit critical of the way some people are doing it. In the US it is simply a logo, and there is not much further information behind it. We have developed our campaign with our customers."
Tesco's 5-a-day objectives include higher consumption, supporting good quality produce, encouraging trial and acting in a socially responsible manner. "We think the way we are doing it is different and the way forward," said Renton.