A new hybrid tomato variety said to be as sweet as a peach has gone on sale in Tesco.

Sugardrop is a cross between two varieties that has been bred to appeal to shoppers who find ordinary tomatoes too sharp. Imported from Murcia, the variety is the result of two years of trials by Tesco supplier Paloma involving 3,000 tomato types. Sugar levels are in the nine to 13 brix range, while a standard peach is nine.

"A few years ago we sat down with suppliers and asked them to find a high-quality tomato that would appeal to gourmets with a sweet tooth," said buyer Ashleigh McWilliams.

Tesco also this week launched the premium Moruno variety, which it said had "a complex, aromatic flavour that lingers on the tastebuds" and thick, juicy flesh that "melts easily in the mouth". The two varieties are selling in the Finest range for £1.50 for 280g.