Tesco has completed its much-hyped switch to dedicated dairy farms to cover fresh milk requirements, and is now planning to improve animal welfare.

The final piece in the jigsaw was the recruitment of farmers in the West Country by key supplier Robert Wiseman Dairies, completed earlier this week.

It means all 650 million litres of milk bought by Tesco comes from one of nearly 900 dedicated farms.

Tesco was now focusing its attention on raising levels of animal welfare and environmental practice on dedicated farms, said senior milk buyer Alain Guilpain.

“One of our key claims for the new milk was to find alternatives for farmers to the export of live calves,” said Guilpain. “We’re now weeks away from an announcement on that.

“In due course, we’ll make explicit mention of these big issues - either on pack or through a campaign.”

Tesco is also considering putting the RSPCA logo on milk after winning the charity’s award for innovation.