Tesco has cut back its promise to refund double the difference on products bought for less at Asda.

The retailer will now refund only the difference, having claimed shoppers were misusing the promotion in a bid to make money.

The move marks the second time Tesco has backtracked on the promotion. Last month the supermarket placed a £20 limit on refunds after it was targeted through a number of consumer website advising shoppers on how to make major savings through the scheme.

Tesco said it made the latest change to protect the scheme after an attack from a “cottage industry of savvy and determined people” that “identify products which are on short-term promotion in Asda then buy them at Tesco”.

The retailer also claimed shoppers were recycling coupons “just to make money”, adding: “Price Check has given our customers confidence in our prices and transparency.

“But some people have misused the scheme to cash in. So we have taken this step to protect Price Check for the majority of our customers.”

A spokeswoman for Asda said: “Clearly they found it hard to make a promise they couldn’t keep.”

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