Tesco will complete a refurbishment of its 20,000 sq ft Calais Vin Plus drinks superstore this month to mark the store's eighth anniversary.
The store, which sells more beers, wines and spirits than any other Tesco in the world, has been upgraded with bespoke French signage and a new wine tasting desk.
A Tesco Wine Festival' started on April 2, focusing on French wines. This will run alongside a UK 20%-off Wine Festival' starting in all stores from April 30.
Tesco has also added a dropped ceiling and new lighting, shelving and flooring. Checkouts are being upgraded and a new computer system will allow Tesco to run promotions on individual bottles rather than cases.
The store's fine wine range is due to be expanded with a new fine wine fixture.
James Jackson, buying and marketing manager for Tesco Vin Plus, said the Calais store was a useful testbed for lines of wines for which there was not enough supply for the whole of Tesco.
In the UK, the Wine Festival will offer promotions on Australian wines for the first two weeks. This will be followed by two weeks of reductions on French wine and champagne.

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