American restaurant chain TGI Fridays could be the latest foodservice brand to head for UK retailers' shelves.

The brand is available in US stores in bagged snacks, meat strips and frozen meals, and is performing well, according to Inventure Group Inc, which holds the retail brand licence. The company was displaying the snack range at the Sial Food Show in Paris this week in a bid to generate distribution in European markets.

It would follow in the footsteps of restaurant brands Wagamama, Starbucks, Pizza Express, Harry Ramsden's and Bombay Brasserie, which have all teamed up with manufacturers to create UK retail versions of their products.

The US bagged snacks include the TGI Fridays signature loaded potato skin appetizers in three flavours, along with quesadilla, mozzarella snack sticks, onion rings and hot pepper Jack cheese fries. The meat strips are BBQ-flavoured chicken, original steak and mesquite smoked steak.