Frozen ready meal specialist RVP Foods is launching a new limited edition Thai product under its Oriental Express banner. Thai Chicken Curry is the first Thai meal to come under the label and will join the company's existing range of popular 99p Chinese ready meals. The new product combines red and green peppers with strips of chicken breast in a mildly spiced Thai style sauce, and is served with white rice. As with the other meals in the Oriental Express 99p range, the 340g Thai Chicken dish is microwaveable and ready to eat in eight minutes. Michaela Blunden, RVP's marketing director, said the newcomer was set to hit shelves on March 18 and would stay on sale for at least a year. She insisted it would add value to the 99p range which is now worth more than £6m a year in sales and accounts for 15% of Oriental Express sales. "As always with our products, this is an extremely accessible, mainstream recipe," said Blunden. "Consumers are looking for something new, and by introducing a limited edition to the range we plan to stimulate interest in store and encourage trial. "The idea behind limited edition products is that consumers enjoy trying variations on their favourite repertoire and looking for new ideas in the cabinet." {{P&P }}