Consumers and buyers give their views on the latest product launches

Product: Marvel heroes fruit bars
Company: Bio-Synergy
Marvel fruit bars are claimed to be a unique combination of 100% whole fruits with no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives
Price: 69p per 30g bar

Consumer's verdict - Toby Crisp, toddler, 3, East Grinstead:
I like the organic fruit bars my mum normally buys for me, and she tells me they are good for me and that this is very important.

These bars look like they will be fun to eat because of the superhero pictures on them - Spider-Man is one of my favourites.

But I didn't really like the taste as they didn't taste of much. They also felt funny in my mouth when eating.

My mum said the packaging was too muddled and the labelling not clear enough. She also said that the bars were not as good for me as the ones she usually gets.

Since I think they are a bit yuck, and mum thinks so too, I don't think we will be buying any more of these.

Score: 10/25

Expert's verdict - Tina Hird, trading controller, spar:
These bars are clearly being targeted at parents who want to feel less guilty about what their children eat by supplementing their diets with a fruit-based product, and yet it's unclear from the packaging who these products are supposed to be attracting - parents or children? I don't believe Marvel heroes would appeal to either.

The bars are claimed to be the equivalent of one portion of fruit, and yet both sugar and preservative appear in the ingredients panel of the pineapple, mango & apple bar, which most parents would read.

The flavour delivery is dire. If the flavour delivery is this poor, children simply will not eat the products.

Score: 0/25

Total score: 10/50