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Product: Tutti Cassis
Company: Lejay-Lagoute
Made with cane sugar, but said to have a very low sugar content, the 17% abv Tutti Cassis is the reinvention of cassis for modern lifestyles and drinking trends
Price: £8.50 to £9.99 per bottle

Consumer's verdict

Sasha Ericsson, Finance office manager, Leatherhead, surrey

The bottle is eye-catching and is bound to stand out on the shelf with its attractive bright colours.

However, for a consumer who doesn't speak fluent French, the reference to the mixers may be confusing.

The product smells exactly as you would expect - just like alcoholic blackcurrant. The taste was pleasant and not too strong.

I chose to mix the product with tonic because I did not have any vodka, but I would experiment with vodka next time to try out a different flavour.

All in all I was very impressed by this product and would consider buying it again over similar offerings.

Score: 23/25

Expert's verdict
Jonathan Butt, head of global sourcing, Thresher Group

This is an attempt to reinvent the Crème de Cassis market by the original innovator of the category. The bright packaging will certainly deliver on-shelf presence.

It is important to remember that this product is to be used as a spice; it is not a drink in its own right.

In that respect, Tutti Cassis ticks all the right boxes, providing a kick of alcohol to lemonade, tonic and fruit juices alike. However, this utilitarian product will undoubtedly be most at home on the mixologists' spice rack where it can add its flamboyant flavour to a host of traditional cocktails. Limited appeal, but a good product. 

Score: 17/25

Total score: 40/50