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Dormen’s Mixed Nuts selection is a mix of the world’s finest nuts, including katjang nuts, smoked almonds, cashew nuts, macadamias and caramelised almonds
Melanie Adams, Nursery nurse, 31, Guildford, Surrey
Dormen’s Mixed Nuts are absolutely delicious. It is a superb mix with lots of flavour and spice, which leaves you wanting more.
The newcomer is particular nice with beer and wine. The only problem is that you can’t stop eating them and, as such, are likely to end up drinking too much because they make you thirsty.
I don’t think the packaging does the product justice. The brown and creamish colours are rather uninspiring and do not let on what a delicious product is inside.
However, now that I have tried it, I would without doubt buy it again regardless of the premium price, as it is worth it!
Score: 23/25
Total score: 46/50
Jonathon Bayne, Technical development controller, Budgens
The packaging for the product is good, being quite simple and straightforward, with clever use of a butler to give the impression of the mixed nuts being of premium quality.
I also like how the manufacturer has provided information on the packaging about the types of nuts that have been included in the product mix.
The product quality is excellent, with a good selection of nuts, some having been spiced up to give a subtle twist on the usual mixed nut-type product.
I think this is a good product in a very competitive market and as such it should do well.
Score: 23/25
Product: Dormen’s mixed nuts Company: Dormen Foods
Price: £2.99 per 175g bagconsumer’s verdict
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