>>consumers and buyers give their views on the latest product launches

Product: Twinings Iced Tea
Company: Twinings
Price: 89p per 400ml bottle

Twinings’ range of iced teas consists of six flavours, including two green tea variants. They are all available in new wide-necked, resealable bottles to appeal to on-the-go consumers

Consumer’s verdict

Steve Phillips, 25, management accountant, Horsham

I’m not a great tea drinker, but the taste of tea in this product was not overpowering.

Of the four flavours I tried,my favourite was the raspberry variant because it had a sweet smell and a strong raspberry taste without being too sickly.

The packaging is bright and attractive with vibrant colours, especially the gold lid. This should make the product stand out on-shelf.

Because it comes in a screw-top bottle, I can imagine people grabbing it to drink in their lunch hours in the summer.

Compared to other soft drinks, I feel that it is competitively priced.

Score: 18/25

Buyer’s verdict

Valerie Aston, buying controller, Proudfoot

The blending room at Twinings certainly has been working overtime as they have come up with six flavoured varieties, including two made with green tea.

The bottles have the identifiable Twinings branding with bright fruit pictures to clearly show the flavour choice.

The lemon and peach varieties came out top, followed by raspberry and cherry. The green tea variants of lemon and peach were clear, although they both tasted a little bland. All varieties in the range were sweet and a light option should be looked at.

When it comes to iced tea, customers have to be convinced of the taste and so good marketing is essential.

Score: 17/25

Total score: 35/50