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A bottle of Cobra Lower Cal contains 94 calories, zero fat and less than half the carbohydrate content of lager
Martin oliveros, carpenter, 26, cornwall
As a general rule low-carb/cal drinks tend to lack flavour. However, I was pleasantly surprised with this product. Although the beer had a weaker flavour, it was easy to drink, refreshing, with barely no aftertaste.
Some people may be put off trying it because of the stigma of being flavourless, but I think there is definitely a place in the market for this beer.
People like me, who like to watch their weight or follow some sort of fitness regime, would find it appealing.
It is instantly recognisable as a Cobra beer, with clear lower cal/carb labelling. The embossed glass is a nice touch, too.
Score: 20/25
Total score: 34/50
Ian Mclernon, marketing & sales director, unwins
The launch of Cobra Lower Cal creates the dilemma Budweiser, Michelob and Coors drinkers already have - is it a weaker version of the parent Cobra lager? The answer is yes.
At 4.3% abv the product is very light tasting, easy to drink and has little or no aftertaste. However, the use of the dual description on the packaging ‘Lower Cal and Lower Carb’ is confusing and will be un-motivating to most male lager drinkers. As a result, I feel it will struggle to create significant penetration in the market.
Consumers need a clear reason/benefit to choose to drink a lager brand - and I am not sure that this Cobra variant has either.
Score: 14/25
Product: cobra lower cal Company: cobra beer
Price: £3.78 per pack of four 330ml bottlesconsumer’s verdict
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