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Product: Cains Finest Lager
Company: Cains
Price: £1.79 per 500ml bottle

This new 5% abv premium lager from Cains is rich in colour and is claimed to deliver a smooth, full-flavoured taste.

Consumer’s Verdict
Carl Day, National account manager, 37, Horsham

I do not drink strong lager very often these days, as age restricts one’s resilience to a hangover. However, I do prefer Continental beers to American beers. This is a lager with a full flavour. In fact, both the aroma and taste are what you would expect from a traditional lager. However, in terms of appearance the packaging lets the product down. The bottle and label fail to sell it to me. On a more practical note, the bottle is too tall to stand up in the fridge. Having tried it, I would definitely drink it again, but it would not have caught my eye in the shops due to the poor packaging.

Score: 18/25

Expert's Verdict
Jonathan Butt, head of global sourcing thresher group

The Cains brewery has been creating traditional brews in Liverpool since 1850. Each ale and lager produced here is said to be crafted to the highest of standards. Cains Finest Lager possesses a rich amber colour and classic hoppy aroma. In the mouth it has maturity and smoothness derived from the three-month lagering [storing] process. It has a full flavour that seduces the middle palate and coats the taste buds with a fruity/malty and slightly bitter hop attack. The finish is unfortunately a little short, and almost too delicate, but this is a small oversight as overall it is a pleasing brew.

Score: 19/25

Total score: 37/50