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Divine rice puddings
From: Rachel’s Organic

Rachel’s Organic aims to tempt consumers to an updated version of a traditional dessert with this trio of rice puddings. Designed to be eaten hot or cold, they come in raspberry, apricot and plain flavours.

49p for a 150g pot

Total score: 44/50
consumer’s verdict
Claire Martin, 28, PA, Staines, Middlesex
I associate rice pudding with poor quality school dinners or desserts for old people - neither of which is a positive image.
I’d never heard of the Rachel’s brand before but the packaging of these was fresh, modern and enticing. They looked exciting and as if they would be bad for your diet, but so delicious you wouldn’t really care.
The apricot pudding was too sweet and I couldn’t taste the fruit but the raspberry version was just right with a hint of the fruit. However, both were beaten by the plain rice pudding which was perfectly creamy. It tasted even better when heated up as it was a little watery.
I would definitely buy the plain one and, if the fruit versions came in Müller Corner-style containers with the fruit separate, I might even stretch to the others as well.
Score: 19/25
buyer’s verdict
Chris Suggett, senior BUYER, Bells stores
Consumers are used to seeing rice pudding in chillers.
Müllerice has been established for a while and ambient Ambrosia snackpots are often displayed chilled.
Like the rest of the Rachel’s Organics portfolio, the rice puddings’ packaging manages to convey a more premium image than competitive products. The taste and quality of the rice pudding trio is fantastic. There is a marked difference between these and other brands and they are the closest to home-cooked products.
Organic products tend to struggle for shelf space in c-stores because of pressure on space and their usual premium pricing.
The Rachel’s rice product is excellent quality and should sell well from major multiples which generally have specific organic sections.
Score: 25/25