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fresh sauces

From: New Covent Garden Food Co

This new range of fresh sauces is aimed at building on the brand’s fresh and natural positioning. Targeted at the 45-plus age group, the upmarket range comprises five pour-over pasta options, three fish accompaniments and six meat variants.


£1.99-£2.99 per 300g carton

Total score: 42/50
consumer’s verdict

Ann Connolly, 40, teacher, Birmingham

I use cooking sauces twice a week and would normally opt for Loyd Grossman, Dolmio or Knorr.

I associate New Covent Garden with nice soup and it fits well with fresh sauces. I would probably cheat with these on special occasions. The packaging had a very wholesome feel but getting into the cartons proved difficult - the cardboard was too soggy to pull apart properly. The cooking directions were clear but I also improvised a little.

All the sauces were highly praised. The steak recipe was delicious but the cheesy pasta and chicken ones were my favourites - even the children liked them. Friends tried the balsamic, shallot and honey sauce with pork, beef and salmon. The price isn’t a problem. Because of the brand, I would see these as top of the range and would, therefore, expect to pay more.

Score: 22/25
buyer’s verdict

Chris Suggett, senior buyer, bells stores

The packaging of these sauces is the same style as their fresh soups range, which should be an advantage because loyal consumers of New Covent Garden soups will instantly recognise and be interested in trying them.

There are plenty of recipe choices in the range, which will easily accompany most, if not all, kinds of meat, white meat and fish.

While the recipes sound very good and certainly tempt the tastebuds, I found the actual tastes were either overpowering or too subtle.

It is very unlikely that Bells Stores would stock this range because our customer profile is mainly socio-economic groups C and D.

However, I believe it will be successful in stockists where New Covent Garden Soups enjoy a good rate of sale.

Score: 20/25n Company:



Bite-Size Finger Foods

n Country: US