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Bisto Roasts

From: Cheviot Foods

Cheviot Foods has joined forces with gravy stalwart Bisto on these frozen roast potatoes, which are infused with the flavour

of a Sunday


Price: £1.79 for 907g

Total score: 41/50
consumer’s verdict

Christine Marples, 40, civil servant, birmingham

We usually sit down as a family for a traditional roast on Sundays, complete with home-made roast potatoes, as it's the one day we're all in the same place at the same time. Kids of 11, nine and seven have better social lives than their parents!

Bisto means gravy in our house, so we expected these would taste like a Sunday roast. The packaging was bright and eye-catching and cooking directions were clear and easy to follow.

The whole family liked the taste, but the potatoes were more orange in colour than usual. They weren't as crisp and went soggy more quickly.

I would try them again because they were good value for money, very convenient and useful to have in the freezer, especially when cooking for varying numbers.

Score: 21/25
buyer’s verdict

IAIN Troup, category manager, distributor/ mace retailer aberness

Aah Bisto! It’s not the gravy though, but roast tatties, as we say in Scotland.

This is a clever link between the traditional Sunday roast accompaniment and leading gravy brand. The packaging features the deep red associated with Bisto and gives the tatties a premium image, while a ‘cooked round the roast’ flavour promise features prominently on the front. Cooking instructions are simple and the vegetarian symbol is clearly displayed.

I don’t know how consumers would rate these as an accompaniment to meals other than a roast, but with the strong branding I am confident it will feature in many stores.

It is priced slightly higher than other products, but I am sure consumers will pay for the Bisto name and flavour.

Score: 20/25n Product: Altú Cereal Bars

n Company: NutrInnovator

n Launch Date: September 2003