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From: Diageo

Turning Baileys into a year-round tipple is the motive behind this latest extension to the cream liqueur stalwart. Diageo is targeting women drinkers who want a ‘lighter’ experience than the parent brand offers.

Price: £1.59 for 200ml bottle

Total score: 35/50
consumer’s verdict

Tamsyn nolan, 22, sales executive, norwich

I don’t mind the odd glass of Baileys over ice, but generally I prefer fruitier drinks and spirits with mixers. The label’s promise of a “lighter experience” than standard Baileys appealed to me, and I tried Glide chilled, straight from the bottle as there were no specific serving suggestions to have it with ice.

However, the drink’s sweetness hit me straight away. Overly confected, it was more vanilla than the cream I associate with Baileys. The taste was also more like an alcoholic milkshake than an indulgence drink.

Even though it’s only a small serving, I couldn’t manage a whole bottle, which may be why it has a screw cap. However, because the liquid needs to be consumed within a day of opening I ended up throwing it away before it was finished. Too sweet to be savoured and not really a treat.

Score: 15/25
buyer’s verdict

Sally Holloway, Buyer for Booths Supermarkets

On first impressions, this elegant bottle with its attractive packaging will stand out on the shelf and be in keeping with the current, prominent Baileys brand.

Glide is a clever brand extension aimed at the more everyday drinking occasion with an ABV of 4% compared to 17% for standard Baileys. It smells similar to the standard liqueur but the flavour is more like a creamy, alcoholic milkshake, less heavy than the liqueur.

The pricing of £1.59 is quite premium for a 200ml bottle compared to other RTD’s of 275ml. I think this has real appeal for current Baileys drinkers who want to enjoy a longer drink and will help to de-seasonalise Baileys although it probably will not bring new consumers to the brand.

Score: 20/25
n Product: PJ Smoothies Daily Detox

n Company: PJs

n Distribution level: 38%