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From: Firefly Tonics

De-tox, the new herbal drink from Firefly Tonics, has a refreshing mix of lemon and lime with ginger and other herbs to ‘cleanse the system and clear the head after a heavy night’.
Price: £1.59 per 330ml bottle

Total score: 42/50
consumer’s verdict
Sally Major, Business student, 22, brighton, east sussex
This is a very good looking product. The strong colours are excellent. The name, De-tox, together with the whole packaging gives a clear message of exactly what it is for - the day after!
It has a very trendy and youthful feel to it and looks as if it will do exactly what it promises.
The taste lived up to my expectations. It is refreshing and slightly spicy, very appealing if you have a hangover. It is fruity enough to be pleasant but not sticky, and the ginger leaves a nice aftertaste, which leaves you wanting more.
Before tasting the product I thought it a bit expensive, but having tried it I would definitely buy it again as it did the trick and cleared my head from the after effects of a few too many the day before.
Score: 22/25
buyer’s verdict
stewart waldie, buying controller, Nisa-today’s
The packaging looks very upmarket and stylish. It will stand out within its sector, especially with the colours that probably appeal more to the female consumer.
Formulated with herbs like Milk Thistle and Schizandra to cleanse the system, the drink has a very acceptable taste, is refreshing and is exactly what you would look for on a morning after, or so I’m told!
I think this is a niche product, which will perform very well where targeted properly - at present in select outlets such as health food stores, upmarket city café bars, or quality department store restaurants.
The price point of about £1.50 should not be a barrier, because it is in line with similar products on the market.
Score: 20/25
n Product:
Nesquik Fresh
nLaunch date:
July 2003