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Mayver’s Australian Peanut butter
From: Ancient Distributors

Mayver’s Australian Peanut Butter is an Omega-3 enriched product which contains small amounts of fish oil. It will be available in both smooth and crunchy and is free of gluten, cholesterol and sugar.

Price: £1.69 to £1.79 per jar

Total score: 40/50
consumer’s verdict
Maria lyngsaa, bank administrator, 30, Birmingham
I eat peanut butter on a regular basis - at least a couple of times a week - so I am quite fussy when it comes to new products and tend to stick to big brand names.
Because I eat so much of it, I find the idea of a healthy option very exciting.
Mayver’s Australian Peanut Butter looks quite nice and I like the fact that the company has used an Australian-inspired picture on the label. And, more importantly, the fact that it is a healthy option is clearly marked.
The smooth offering is nice with a very nutty taste. However, I preferred the crunchy version which I found delicious. Based on the flavour of these products, I would not have guessed they were health-based as this took nothing away from the taste. I would buy both of these again.
Score: 22/25
buyer’s verdict
stewart waldie, buying controller, Nisa-today’s
The look, consistency, aroma and taste of the product was very good and compared favourably to the other products on the market.
The company is using the healthy benefits of its peanut butter to promote the product.
Unfortunately, the packaging and product presentation let it down. The plastic jar and artwork, which is too busy, makes it look more like an economy product, rather than the premium quality product that the suggested retail price portrays.
If the company gets the marketing right then, the product should succeed, but the suggested retail price concerns me - having a premium of circa 25% over the other major brands on the market and almost twice the retail price of private label. Score: 18/25n Product:
Comfort Fast Dry
Lever Fabergé
n Launch date:
August 2003