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Weetabix chunkyfruit Bars
From: Weetabix

Weetabix Chunkyfruit Bars contain real fruit pieces and a traditional-style home-baked crust. They are available in four varieties - apple, strawberry, blackcurrant & apple and cherry.
Price: 35p a bar and £1.49 for a multipack of six
Total score: 41/50

Consumer’s verdict
Jinous Radmand, Human Resources Advisor,
32, Brighton, East sussex

I found the statement ‘real fruit pieces’ on the cover of the box appealing, but I was not attracted to the packaging overall because I thought it looked childish.

I could really taste the fruit chunks in the strawberry and cherry bars. The apple and the blackcurrant & apple were less chunky. The apple flavour reminded me of Mr Kipling’s cakes

The filling had lots of flavour but I would have preferred more of the natural fruit flavour rather than sweetened fruit.

The outer baked shell sticks to your teeth after you have finished eating which is not very pleasant at all.

The price is competitive compared with other brands, and in comparison to other cereal bars, Chunkyfruit appears to be bigger.

Score: 18/25

Buyer’s verdict
Stewart Waldie, buying controller, Nisa-today’s

Quite a number of well-known brands have entered the cereal bar market during the past few years.

This new product from Weetabix will certainly have brand recognition with consumers. And, on top of this, the product will stand out on-shelf with the extremely good eye-catching pack graphics.

This is a substantial snack bar with good consistency and the taste of real fruit chunks coming through strongly.

The retail pricing is competitive and well positioned against other products in this sector.

Taking all of the above into consideration, I think Weetabix Chunkyfruit Bars will be a winner, especially with people looking for a tasty snack and for mothers wanting a healthier lunch box alternative.

Score: 23/25