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Potato Heads
From: Walkers

Available in three flavours, Potato Heads from Walkers contain no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and 70% less saturated fat than Walkers standard crisps.
Price: 28p for a 23g bag
Total score: 45/50

Consumer’s verdict
Matthew and Georgia, 5 and 7, Haywards Heath, West Sussex

Our mum and dad are quite boring and don’t let us eat crisps very often because they say they are not good for us.

Mum was especially pleased that the packets say how much bad stuff there is. We don’t care, but she says that’s important.

Both my sister and I like having a snack especially for us and we both liked the packaging. It looks fun and quite different from other crisps.

We liked all the flavours but my favourite was prawn cocktail, while my sister liked the salty ones the best.

We would definitely nag mum and dad to buy some if we saw them in the shops.

The only problem was that our mum and dad also loved them and they ended by eating far too many.
Score: 23/25

Buyer’s verdict
Jonathon Bayne, technical development controller, Budgens

The packaging is very good and makes the product look attractive and appealing to younger children.

The flavours are not unique, ready-salted, roast chicken, cheese and onion and prawn cocktail, but they are typically mainstay.

The eat is very good and the crisps have a significantly less greasy mouth feel, with a very crisp texture. The crinkle-cut appearance also makes them look appealing.

They should do well with people who enjoy potato snacks, but want to have a product which is not as unhealthy as the standard potato crisps available on the market.

With the use of the Potato Heads logo on the packaging and the support from Walkers marketing department, they should do well.
Score: 22/25