New-look packaging is being rolled out across the entire fresh produce category at The Co-operative Group.

By the end of June, packaging on all 330 fresh produce lines will have been revamped, and many products improved, according to Sue Barnes, assortment manager for produce at the Co-op. At the same time 70 new premium produce lines are being launched.

"We want our customers to try new things - everyone's a foodie these days," said Barnes. "We want them to be excited by the range."

The move comes as part of a wider relaunch of food packaging taking place following the Co-op's rebranding as The Co-operative. In the produce category, packaging will be adorned with sepia-tinted photography on a black background with a long description of the product.

The look has been described by some as "more M&S", although the Co-op denies it is targeting more upmarket shoppers.

The packaging has also been slimmed down to reduce waste, Barnes said. The Co-op wants to lead the way on greener packaging and reduce plastic on some lines by up to 30%.

The relaunch will be kicked off on Monday (5 March) with the national roll-out of the Corolle potato, grown exclusively for the Co-op by Norfolk-based Solanum.

Barnes said the potato would set the tone for the changes. It is described as a sweet and buttery-tasting salad potato and will go into the multiple's premium "truly irresistible" range. Sales of more than 1,000 tonnes of the variety are forecast by Solanum, which plans to launch other premium potato lines through the Co-op.

Other products slated for an early relaunch include the premium tomato range, the bagged salad range and sweet pointed and sweet bite peppers.

The salad range is expanding to include five new convenience salad mixes, containing dressing sachets and seed sprinkles.